Woolly Mullein

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Wooly Mullein

(Verbascum blattaria)

Common names: Velvet Mullein, Blanket Mullein,  Beggar's Blanket, Poor Man's Blanket, Our Lady's Blanket, Moses' Blanket, Old Man's Blanket, Feltwort, Flannel

Indication: Jealousy
Being envious of others or seeing only what it is you do not have.  Unable to see and acknowledge the many blessings of your life. Refocuses the Heart to receive its joy and fulfillment through offering service and giving back to the community that supports you.

When you are feeling jealous your entire thinking process gets skewed in ways that can sabotage the relationships that are the most important to you. Suspicious thoughts can literally possess you -as it feels as if something powerful has taken over and you can not rationally think yourself around the demon that now occupies your mind.

Jealous thoughts can be around little things, like possessions -she has something new that I wish I had or why is my sister being favored again. Sometimes though feelings can be much more dangerous, when the mind actually fabricates scenarios based on personal fears and insecurities that have no basis in reality. Worries like “my girlfriend is cheating on me!” can feel very real every time she is out of your sight as the mind “makes up” often outrageous sceneries.

Understanding the roots and reasons for our feelings of jealousy is an important part of maintaining a healthy relationship. To do this, we must be aware of the critical inner voices driving our uncertainties and self-doubt. If we can identify these thoughts, we can challenge them. We can act against the thoughts that tell us to be suspicious, mistrusting and accusatory.

Soft and furry Wooly Mullein stands tall covering acres and acres of sandy Antelope Island in the middle of Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Considered a weed by many she still serves purpose as food for grasshoppers and other beneficial bugs, her seeds enjoyed by American Goldfinch and Indigo Bunting and as a prolific flowering plant for pollinators like the Golden Northern Bee and the Honey Bee.

Wooly Mulleins soft nature directs you back to your own soft side. The non critical self that seeks to understand and better communicate in relationships. Unthreatened by competition because you believe in your own strengths and beauty. Wooly Mulleins height allows her to see well across the landscape. Her wide breadth requires personal space. Space that offers room to grow with confidence and also offers that same elbow room to those to whom she is closest to.

An old superstition existed that witches used lamps and candles provided with wicks of Mullein in their incantations, and another of the plant’s many names, ’Hag’s Taper’, refers to this. Both in Europe and Asia the power of driving away evil spirits was ascribed to the Mullein. Being a sure safeguard against evil spirits and magic, and from the ancient classics, it was this plant which Ulysses took to protect himself against the wiles of Circe.

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