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(Verbesina alternifolia)

Common names: Indian tobacco, Yellow Ironweed, Frostweed, Yellow Wingstem

Rejection/Hurt feelings

Indications: An essence for the heart after a rebuff, brushoff, embarrassment or other experiences of loss or rejection.

To be rejected by someone doesn't mean you should discount yourself and your importance. Rejections are the most common emotional wound we endure in daily life. Today thanks to social media, online dating and other electronic communications there is the added stress of feeling your posts, texts or dating profile is being ignored, misunderstood or not valued and this can cause feelings of pain and despair. The new social world is much larger and tremendously more callus then the small and tribal communities of the past. If you were ostracized or dejected from the tribe your ability to continue to live was literally at great risk. Being put down or ignored for your Facebook post does not have to be so devastating yet in the world of feelings those old survival emotions may be activated because your emotional body might not have the capacity to adjust to this new age and may be reacting as though the tribe has disowned you. Energetically you still live in an ancient body that craves love and community as a basis for your emotional foundation and these social brush offs can feel life threatening on some primal level.  

In addition to these minor rejections you can be subject to much more serious rejection such as being fired from your job, ostracized by your family, abandoned by your spouse or lover or disrespected by a close friend. Whether the rejection was large or small it still hurts and emotional pain is akin to physical pain only you relive and re-experience social pain more vividly than you do physical pain. We all have a fundamental need to be loved and belong, to be important to someone else and rejection destabilizes this core instinct. Rejections damage your self esteem and can elicit anger or depressed feelings as you feel powerless to change another person's feelings and this causes frustration.

Wingstem flowers are visited primarily by bees, especially bumblebees. Some butterflies, and skippers also visit the flowers; the long tubes of the disk florets make the nectar inaccessible to many insects with shorter tongues, such as flies and wasps.  Here at the crest of a high ridge above the town of Asheville in the Great Smoky Mountains the wingstem flowers enjoy the September sun and their many tiny winged visitors. Their essence is one of compassion and restoration of inner strength. The golden radiance of this flower nourishes the golden light within you that shines from the very center of your being and grounds and stabilizes your social presence and confidence. Golden light reminds you of who you truly are irrespective of others opinions or slights.

Resonating with the ancient ones in the smoky mountains around Asheville.Verbesina alternifolia commonly called wingstem is a tall, weedy, clump-forming perennial that is native to woodland areas in eastern and central North America. Several traditional medicinal uses of Frostweed, or Wingstem, have been documented among Native Americans. Depending on the culture, the plant has been used as a gastrointestinal aid, a urinary aid, a laxative, an eye medicine, externally against joint pain, as an emetic, and for ceremonial uses.

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