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(Veronicastrum Virginica)

Common names: Culver's root, Culver's-physic, Bowman's Root, Black Root, Cupid Culver's Root, 

Tall Speedwell, Tall veronica, Beaumont-root, 

Healing With Mother

Indications: Supports accessing and healing your relationship with mother.

The Mother holds the mystery of creation. Without the mother, nothing can be born, nothing new can be formed and brought into existence. The child looks up to the mother, expecting the perfection of the archetypical mother ~ the all-loving, all-nurturing, wise and understanding mother, who's many hands hold, comfort, feed and take care of discomforts, while continually creating a world of delight for the wanting child. The child expects the mother to preform, taking care of all the details to keep the home safe, the pantries full, the children carefully cared for. The child's mind goes on and on, inventing more that this perfect mother should be.

The human mother will always fall short of the child's imagination. The human mother has her own problems, needs and personal wounds. And so the relationship begins to become conflicted, as the two souls begin to work out their joint karma.

The Wholywort flower essence addresses this, the deepest and most fundamental relationship of what it means to be human, with the accessing and healing of your relationship to the mother. This is uniquely profound, in that from your mother you were birthed, and it is in the interpretation of this relationship that you define your deepest feelings and form your most intimate self-image.

Here, you find yourself called to the core of your own feelings around your own mother, your trust in yourself to mother (or father) your own children or act as community mother and your very relationship with the Divine Mother or Mother Earth. Yet for many adults, the memory of the mother-child relationship may be one of hurt and conflict, as your motherʼs own wounding transfers painfully to you her child. As you grow from child into adulthood, unhealed pain may have driven you both apart.

This broken-hearted relationship sadly defines many adult-child-to-mother relationships and begs for the balm of the Wholywort essence. Wholywort essence addresses the conflict and heart pain by opening the door to the nurturing, compassionate heart of the Sacred Mother. The Archetypical Mother is not angry or disappointed with her children. She offers you a pure female energy that compassionately nurtures and surrounds you with life, with flowers, with love. Wholywort essence reorients your whole perception of motherhood from an external experience to an internal healing of innate feminine spirituality. Your mother was your teacher who may have pushed your emotions and even broke your heart. The Wholywort essence helps you to release your sad memories, to forgive and to find the healing offered by the all-loving Mother of All. As you shift your perspective from human-mother to Divine-mother, you can find the peace you seek and learn to offer your mothering from this Divine Source.

In the middle of a native Minnesota prairie growing from 3 to 7 feet tall, the plant has whorls of three to nine lance-shaped leaves and tube-shaped flowers in colors of white or variations from pink to bluish to purple. 


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