Walking Stick Cactus

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Walking Stick Cactus

(Cylindropuntia imbricata)

Common names: Cane Cholla, Walking Stick Cholla, Tree Cholla, Chain-link Cactus, Devil's Rope, Devil's Rope Pear, Imbricate Prickly Pear, Rope Pear, Spiny Cholla

Indication: Life Lessons
Helping you to recognize your patterns when you repeat the same life lessons time after time. Teaches you to "see" what you need to learn from the experience, to make adjustments in your actions, to heal the pain associated with the experience and then to move forward with care.

Growing along the kiva trail in Frijoles Canyon, New Mexico, the Walking Stick Cactus blooms in the mid Spring warmth. Almost eight feet tall she speaks accurately and to the point. Her spiny body looking like a plant that grows a number of walking sticks!

Why is it that you seem to go through the same type of life situations over and over; investing in people who abuse you,  experiencing yet another contentious relationship, saying things you wish you hadn't in the heat of an argument, agreeing to do things that overwhelm you, leaving a project you were so excited about when you began unfinished, shyly allowing yourself to be overlooked when your hard work is outstanding… although you are in a new situation with different people, the dynamics are strangely and unfortunately, the same.  It doesn't really matter what the situation is, the pattern remains the same because you have not learned your lessons or advanced in your growth and understanding far enough to move beyond this annoying energy rut and change the template.

To Native Americans of the southwestern desert the cactus is considered the Great Mother plant. She nurtures all creatures by contributing a valuable food and water source for desert wildlife and humans alike and all cacti are edible - representing unconditional motherly love, while spines are indicative of a fierce maternal sense of protection and discipline. There is no arguing with mother or cactus spines!

Walking Stick Cactus grows with many “sticks” coming out of the same base indicating the many directions that you must walk in order to receive your Earth education. The most important lessons of your life can often be the ones that are the hardest to learn because you don't see them as teachings, at least not while you are going through them.

Walking Stick Cactus encourages you to step back and observe the larger picture. Seeing your life from this “big picture” perspective it is easier to recognize your motives, insecurities and blind spots… the reasons you continue to make the same bad choices, attract the same type of people and experience the same dramas, over and over. Sometimes it is just a simple adjustment that needs to be made to change the whole dynamic… like learning to say no to people and responsibilities that overwhelm you… and like magic, you are free from the spell!

Whatever your issues are that keep you trapped and spinning on your personal hamster wheel, the essence of Walking Stick Cactus moves you to a place of perspective and greater peace. With the instincts of a caring Mother who is there to “correct” your behavior she brings you back into alignment with with your higher good.

And hey, that's what Mothers are for!

The fruits eaten by various wild birds and mammals, including pronghorn antelope, desert bighorn sheep, and deer. One tablespoon of buds from the cholla cactus has as much calcium as eight ounces of milk. The buds are rich in soluble fiber that helps regulate blood sugar.The thorns can be used for sewing needles or to make improvised fish hooks.

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