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Sweet Dreams

Indications: Dissipates tension allowing the mind and body to release from the days entanglements and worries stilling the mind so one can enter the dream time unencumbered.



The Valerian essence offers you grace and serenity..... a deep contemplative breath and the exhale of true Peace. To walk among these tall beautiful sweet-smelling flowers is intoxicating. The Valerian begs you to lay upon the Earth and breath deep her sacred scent. The Peace she brings is a chalice of flowering nectar, a timeless Joy and a chance to know the wonder of a walk with the Creator.

This essence supports the divine presence of Peace in your daily life.

It holds the sacred space of your Heart and can comfort your soul after a modern day’s journey.Restful pleasure in the Dream World comes with this essence. Coupled with Yellow Dock, this remedy holds exactly what one’s physical body is in need of at the resting time.

Valerian stands tall and strong at its time of flower. Growing quickly, it towers above all else in the Spring garden. A purifying white color at almost eye level, it soothes the mind into tranquility
and an ability to release the day’s unfinished and unneeded messages for the dream time.

Valerian dream has an Angelic quality of lightness.

Dissipating tension and preparation for the next day’s journey are the assignments of a Valerian sleep.Disconnecting from the previous day’s activities and entanglements of the mind and body
are tall orders in this day and age. We have forgotten a Universal Law hidden in the dogmas of religious forgiveness. Held deep within each of your cells is the release button that is interconnected with each and every cell in your body. Triggered by the diminishing light at Sunset these buttons do automatically open the gate of each day’s tension. Similar to the signaling of a homeopathic remedy to the body to be well and self-heal does the opening allow releases of any and all of the day’s ill's and disease of emote. With a voiced intonation and prayerful respect we can connect these automatic releases and dream them away.
We were never meant to carry the previous day’s inconsideration's and happenings of woe to the next.



 Valerian is indeed a gift from the Angels. I love to lie underneath the tall plants and gaze upon their cloud-like forms while breathing in their glorious perfume.

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