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(Thymus vulgaris)

Common names: Garden Thyme, English Thyme, [Creeping Thyme

Expands Consciousness

Indications: Offers an archetype of health and transformation... calms while helping one gather strength for action.

Thyme was believed by Ancient Greeks
to be a source of courage and was used it in baths & burnt as incense in temples.
During the Middle Ages, women in Europe gave thyme as gifts
to knights and warriors to help bestow courage on them.


Thyme offers an expanded consciousness on your perspective of time as a limiting element. Time has no boundaries except those you imagine. 

Made from a variety of thymes blossoming in the heat of July, the Thyme essence helps you to expand your consciousness to better embrace the feminine principles represented by the waters on this planet. Water, in its many cycles of motion offers an archetype of health and transformation, and the thyme essence calls your internal waters to the cycles of transformation. Thyme helps you to release the things that you struggle with that stand in your way of fulfilling your purpose and finding peaceful, supportive relationships.

Thyme essence calms while helping you to gather you strength for action. This essence is very useful when you need to get things done, spread information or cover a lot of ground. 

The Thyme essence helps you to experience transformation while remaining clear to purpose and retaining a flowing interactive and healthy presence.

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