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(Rubus parviflorus)


Common names: Salmonberry, Western Thimbleberry

Identity Crisis

Confronting radical change in your self-image... reworking yourself at core levels.

Going through a period of uncertainty and confusion in which your sense of identity becomes insecure, due to a change in your expected aims, role in your family, your job or societal status can feel like it shakes the very ground you stand on and after the earthquake things may look and feel very different. The shift may have sprung from a radical change in your thinking, feelings that have left you ungrounded, a life change -like moving into a new area or they may be the result of a life trauma like divorce, loss of a loved one or loss of a job that has defined you for years.

Identity crisis is a common experience for teens as they navigate the potentially stormy years of adolescence. In particular associated with developmental changes that come with puberty. Teenagers experience rapid changes in body build, hormones, emotions, and cognitive abilities.  Perhaps for the first time in life, they contemplate their roles in society including their careers, values, and gender role.

Your unique personality or ego is without a doubt crucial to everything you believe about yourself and shapes how you enter and interact with the world daily. When you experience radical emotional upheaval in your perception of yourself and world it is important to contemplate and settle into the new you with some reflection.

Thimbleberry is an excellent native bramble shrub with thornless stems. The scrub grows rapidly and forms dense thickets of upright 4-6' stems with large maple like leaves. Her berries are similar to raspberries only somewhat hairy and with their own unique sweet and sour taste. As a flower essence she bestows new trust to you, trust in yourself and trust in your process. She offers up calm assurance to meet your feelings of not being sure about what type of person you really are or what the true purpose of your life is. Life she reminds you is a process of revelation and discovery. It occurs one day at a time and if you can learn to observe, live in your heart and stay open you will find your way home to your true self.

The large, downy maple-like leaves are 4-8" across and the blossoms are pure white and 2." The tart, red, edible fruits tumble into your hand when ripe. Birds love these berries and often it is a race to see who gets the first taste! Both the berries and the sprouts were prized by Native groups. Thimbleberries like moist soils but will tolerate drier sites. They are found between Alaska and California and east to the Great Lakes.

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