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Tangerine (Blossoms)

(Citrus reticulata)

Mental Focus

Indications: Encourages the fun and passion that keep one focused and energetic while taking care of the details of practical tasks.

The tree we were taken to had many buds and flowers promising a large crop of fruit. The Tangerine flowers are like the leaves of the plant ~ thick and rubbery. The color is white with 5 petals. Quite animated, the 5 petals resemble the human form of 4 appendages and a head..... 
Star-like in presence, yet Earthly humorous. 
This essence helps unlock solutions and helps you to creatively address the practical. It is excellent for community groups, budget committees, or for family financial planning as it offers a wellspring of energy to move through the drier areas of finance, banking, and taxes with fun, energy, and inspiration.


Tangerine is awake and lively as an essence, and it inspires energy and passion towards projects. The juice from the fruit is associated with morning and wakefulness, and the flowers could indeed be described as perky. Tangerine essence helps you to better focus on details easily without losing sight of the larger picture.
It allows you to approach the mental and practical tasks that create the foundation for living in this dimension with accuracy, ease, and humor.

Originally called ‘Tangerine Orange,’ Tangerine (Citrus reticulata) is a mandarin orange named for the port ~ Tangier, Morocco ~ from which the fruits were first shipped to Europe in 1841. First recorded as an English word in 1710, ‘Tangerine’ entered the language meaning “of or pertaining to Tangier (sometimes spelled Tanger).” was a fun essence to make, as the flower’s scent is quite subtle, yet refreshingly citrus-y sweet. 

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