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(Sedum lanceolatum)

Commonnames: Orpine, Spearleaf Sedum,Yellow Stonecrop, Lancedleafed-stonecrop, Rocky Mountain Stonecrop


Indications: Encourages release of rigid energy in the mind, body, or emotions. Restores an overall flexible attitude that allows possibilities to flow.

Growing at an altitude of 12,095 ft. above sea level, in a glacial summit meadow along the Continental Divide, the succulent, yellow Stonecrop grows snuggled in crevasses between ancient lichen-covered rocks. The ground here is wet, and the air coldly charged with the negative ions generated by the melting snow and the freshness of a mountaintop bathed in the first rays of the dawning sun.

Most of your core beliefs were formed back when you were still a small child, or during remembered moments of drama or enlightenment. These assumptions may have served you at the time, and because so, you tend to form habitual responses and route thinking that can cause you to go through life re-running the same modes of behavior without advancing your emotional or Spiritual status. These habits can become hard-wired into your personality and attitudes, as you refuse to open ourselves up to something new or that which differs from your set-in-stone ideas.

When you think you know it all, you turn off the channels to actual wisdom. Real wisdom is always open to new input and embraces change and growth. The path of true wisdom asks you to ever re-see in order that you may access a deeper level or learn to understand the opposite side of a held feeling or thought. Rigid feelings or beliefs can set into the body as a hard energy, which permeates from the arenas of the mental and emotional bodies into the physical body, forcing the experience of pain, inflammation, or arthritic-like stiffness.
Stonecrop’s flower essence stimulates an open mind, helping you to release the worries of what might happen if you try or embraces something new. Keeping an open mind helps both your brain and your body age successfully, as an unyielding opinion or defensive stance limits your ability to learn new patterns. Varieties of Stonecrop range the scope of the planet, offering both food and medicine to the many cultures they serve. Bathed in morning dew, the Stonecrop here grows atop Colorado’s Independence Pass on the Rocky Mountain Continental Divide. And it is from this unique vantage point that it looks both far to the East and far to the West, allowing perspective and a wide, wide range of views.

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