Shiny Blueberry

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Shiny Blueberry

(Vaccinium myrsinites)

Common names: Florida Evergreen Blueberry, Wild Blueberry, Whortleberry, Huckleberry, Bilberry, Bush Blueberry, Cluster Blueberry, Darrow's Evergreen Blueberry, Darrowoid

Indication: Unable to Accept Help

Aids the soul who is constantly giving to others in both gifts and service yet find it difficult to accept help from others.

Givers are incredible. As a giver you have learned one of the most important and meaningful Earth lessons...which is that you are here ultimately to give and to serve others and it is through giving that you receive. This is great...Unless you are not receiving as much as you give or you are unable or unsure of how to receive back.  Are you giving out of lack of self esteem, guilt or ingrained habit and because you really don't know how else to be? The trouble with constant service and giving is unless you have a strong faith life that is continually being resupplied with inner nourishment you will at some point or even daily become drained and then hey…..what is there left to give?

The Shiny blueberry is like all blueberries, a giver. Here on one of Florida’s panhandle coastal islands she grows abundantly lining the inland swamps and offering up bountiful amounts of sweet nutritious purple fruit to the multitude of birds and mammals who feed on her. The more they eat, the more she produces. Giving is a wonderful thing and no one is better at it than Mother Nature.

Giving though is fundamentally a two way street. At its very roots is energy flow, and that is a principle that you must embrace if you are to stay healthy and happy. You must find the ways to open up to receiving if you are to continue giving or you will find yourself burnt out or simply burnt.

Shiny blueberry is, like I said, a giver. She gifts you with a nap in the sun, the smell of salty ocean breezes, the warm muddy earth squishing between your toes. Her fruit fills you with vitamin C and life supporting antioxidants. She teaches the lessons of acceptance. You do not need to work so hard. Accept slowing down. You do not need to take care of everybody. Accept self care. You do not need to give away all of your life energy in service. Accept a little help from your friends.

Ripening wild blueberries begin green, turn red and finally purplish blue.  Shiny Blueberry grows in several habitat types in the southeastern U.S., including prairies, pine barrens, bog margins, flatwoods, Florida scrub, palmetto communities, and rosemary balds. The best sites are dry, sandy stretches of acidic soils in full sunlight. In common with many southeastern scrub species, this plant is fire-adapted. It can recover from a fire by sprouting from its rhizome. This is also the way it forms vast colonies of cloned individuals. The plant also reproduces sexually by seed. The seeds are dispersed by animals, which relish the fruits.

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