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Indications: Assists your energies in returning to a natural state of polarity. Helps you to release resistance to full alignment with your life goals while gently reorienting you back to your original state of harmony and life direction.

January 1, 2004

Saturn is a master planet at holding and circulating energy, as her many moons orbit her in a rainbow of light. As your own inner dynamics are reset, you can come to a deeper state of peace
and allow yourself to be fed by universal sources of power and creativity.
This essence can then work to attract all that is necessary to support you in a rainbow of protection and resource
as harmonious energies are drawn and held by the strength of your very being.

Like Saturn, whose moons continually orbit her, projecting a radiant image to the Universe, you too can become more radiant, as your moon-dreams orbit in cumulative beauty.

There is also an obvious value with this remedy in parenting, as the parent must be a strong force in family alignment and drawing the family together.
The remedy can be helpful to families that are dissipated in their energies because of the lack of a strong fulcrum. Saturn helps them to reorient to their original alignments
so that their soul development as a family may be reestablished.


This essence was made during a Saturn Return an event that occurs about every 29.5 years

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