Rosy Crown

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Rosy Crown


Common names: Rosy Paintbrush


Indications: Helps parents set well defined, healthy boundaries for children.

Growing at an altitude of nearly 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains, the Rosy Crown flowers blossom near glacial lakes in the wet, cold mountain air.

The Rosy Crown flower essence is an essence of definition that helps you to integrate your higher spiritual ideals about child rearing with the more mundane demands of caring for another. Raising children or nurturing others well requires you to learn a flexible sense of balance that can quietly take in a situation before reacting or trying to fix it. Rosy Crown flower essence allows you to see that your child needs healthy boundaries and to learn a sense of self-responsibility as well as unconditional love, the essence helps you as the caregiver learn to become a mentor who wisely interrupts the child’s experience and guides your child to his or her highest purpose. Small interactions can hold high value to your child, and learning to care for oneself, as opposed to having everything done for one, generates feelings of self-worth and inner happiness. The balance here is between doing out of general caring and doing out of trying to fix it and therefore denying children the wisdom learned in struggling to handle the situation themselves.

Rosy Crown essence helps the parent to step into their true spiritual role by connecting the heart of the parent to the heart of the Divine Mother and Father, who wisely watch over us all. This essence is particularly helpful for single parents, who must hold the archetype for both mother and father and often waffle in their roles between authoritarian and nurturer, being overly strict one moment and then overly permissive the next out of feelings of guilt. Rosy Crown essence allows the spirit to breathe, equilibrium that is not harsh but defined like a cold mountain morning.

Rosy Crown clears the mind and peacefully offers a path up the ridge, defined, held by boundaries of boulders and forest ‘til, at the top… a clear beautiful view. and from this place of perspective and beauty,
Mother and Father bless all.

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