Polecat Geranium

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Polecat Geranium

(Lantana camara)

Common names: Big Sage, Wild Sage, Red Sage, Tickberry, West Indian Lantana, Lantana, Umbelanterna, Scrub Verbena, Spanish Flag, Common Lantana

Hardened Heart

Indications: A gift to those with hardened, untrusting hearts who act out of anger and may abuse those around them.

About one hundred miles south of New Orleans, Grand Island extends a toe of the Louisiana Boot into the briny Gulf of Mexico waters.... a panoramic experience of both sunrise and sunset over the oily black waters. The beaches here are adorned with wildflowers, and the naturalized Polecat Geranium Bushes (a local name for Lantana) overgrow miles of shoreline with endless yellow, pink and orange flowers continuously blossoming for months at a time. Their bright showy flowers invite butterflies and bees to a coastline that has been saddened by offshore drilling and just one year after this essence was made a tragic oil spill.

The flower essence of Polecat Geranium offers its gift to you who find your heart hardened  and untrusting, unable to feel or receive at anything but superficial levels... who can act out of anger and abuse the people around you or may apply strict, unrealistic demands, expecting others to fall to when barked at.

Polecat Geranium is a tough, hardy bush, an invasive species that is too bad tasting and too stinky for most animals. Its bushes spread wide in pomp. With this vibrancy of color, it attracts hummingbirds and songbirds, in addition to bees and butterflies. Male black-throated weavers collect bouquets of the Polecat Geraniumʼs honeyed flowers to decorate their nests with the showy flowers (their wives really like this show of manhood!).

This flower  essence harvested here at this southern tip of North America works to soften and gently communicate to the incorrigible personality, working deeply and soulfully into the heart,
allowing the blessing of forgiveness to penetrate into profound old wounds.



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