Pluto-Galactic Center

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Pluto~Galactic Center

July 17, 2007

Increases awareness of the origin of energy that is causing negative thoughts or feelings… supports the release of negative emotional patterns, addictive habits or unneeded ties to the past

This essence was made during Pluto’s 248th-year alignment with the Galactic Center and a world-wide prayer vigil for peace, healing and miraculous transformation for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

What is the worst inside of us often finds its way out in our lower moments of senseless venting of negative thoughts or negative words. Those occurrences often reflect annoyances coming from outside ourselves but really have their origins within. The Pluto celestial flower essence can increase your awareness of that which is causing your disturbance and then assist you in releasing and clearing that which stands in the way of your clarity and is not longer serving you.

All endeavors of change require a period of transition where the old must be cleared away or released, the ground tilled in order to plant the seed where it can grow strong in fertile soil.

The Pluto essence supports your release and resolve of negative emotions and grumpiness by encouraging inner alignment with your Divine self or source within….. coming to a greater sense of peace while clearing and releasing negative emotional patterns, addictive habits or unneeded ties to the past.

New energies and possibilities can emerge to help support positive transformations and creation of a powerful flow of undeniable life-affirming energy that can well light your path, blazing the trail for others to follow.


(photos courtesy of NASA)

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