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Purify Intent

Indications: Encourages a path back to your center where you can release the unnecessary things that distract you from clear vision and purpose.


The Pipestone essence can be used to help you to purify your intent. This is such an important process, as impure emotional energy can cloud even the most righteous action. Purifying the soul’s intent, this essence creates the space needed to neutralize and ground intent so that altruistic visions and loving missions may be supported in manifestation, and you can then step above the snafus and misunderstandings that often affect those on paths of service. To walk in the Light and to serve the Earth is to restore healing. This essence helps to bring you back to your center, where all relationships are held in a neutral and peaceful space, where unification occurs between heart & will because confusion & chaos are released along with your ego’s need for control.

As you release your need to become immersed in all of the emergencies that take your time and energy and distract you from your truth,you allow a cleansing to occur in your relationships. You can then go back and retrieve the initial purity and power of your intention and bring this into the world with strength and love.

 Pipestone, Minnesota is the sacred site where Native Americans have quarried the soft red stone used in the stem of the ceremonial pipe for centuries. 

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