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(Aconitum napellus)

Common names: Aconite, Wolfbane, Monk's-hood, Leopard's Band, Mouseband, Women's Bane, Devil's Helmet

Shock/ Arguments

Indications: Helps to stabilize and calm the emotional body after exposure to frightening, shocking or embarrassing situations.

The Monkshood essence helps you to stabilize after exposure to frightening or traumatic situations by balancing your emotions and helping you to see with clarity and calm presence.

The effects of social embarrassment, humiliation, accidents, fights, scoldings, or receiving bad news can be counterbalanced with use of Monkshood flower essence. A highly poisonous plant, its spiritual presence or essence works to neutralize the effects of poisonous interactions and the emotions of fear that keep you feeling unstable or in shock and unable to make wise intuitive decisions. The plant’s stunning indigo color aids the psychic capacity of your third eye to see beyond the current situation to its possible healing potential. It then strengthens the auric body with a crystal-clear infusion of Angelic Light, both alleviating your fears and providing strong protective well-balanced boundaries that help you to feel safe and assured..... able to see through any situation with the clear ability to receive appropriate guidance. As your energetic and emotional bodies sense the security of Angelic protection and guidance, you feels able to face adversity wisely and without fear.

Native to mountainous parts of the Northern Hemisphere & fond of moisture-holding but well-drained mountain meadows, Monkshood stands tall crowed with large, eye-catching flowers.

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