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Self-Reflection / Psychic Balance

Indications: Helps those who pick up negative energy from others or from their environment, balances flow of psychic energy, protects from psychic attack or entity attachment.

Sometimes it is the most difficult to observe what you are closest to. Mica is like a mirror that allows you to see yourself and your situation in a clear in accurate manner. Mica allows you to emotionally separate from a past pattern or a tendency towards inappropriate empathetic merging both with others or your environment. With healthy separation and emotional integrity the Mica flower essence helps you to stay protected from picking up and absorbing others' negative energy. 

Mica essence also act as an insulator for your mind and spiritual or psychic body. Mica protects the empty space between your body and aura that could previously allowed for nervous afflictions, headaches, nightmares, or sleep imbalances. When the psychic or empathetic capacities are open too wide or open too quickly, your physical body may become unbalanced and reactive, your mental body may lose its ability to think clearly, while your overly open psychic body may experience disturbance, attack, or negative entity attachment.

The self reflective qualities of Mica help you to more clearly see and correct your dysfunctional patterns, allowing all of your subtle bodies to feel more confident and protected. With your physical, mental and spiritual bodies monitored and in balance, the essence then allows you integrated spiritual access at much higher and more productive levels. Your mental body can expand with new ideas, inspiration, and creative thought, and your physical body is better able to sustain the expansion. 

February 25, 2013 full moon

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