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Little Twistflower

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Little Twistflower

(Streptanthella longirostris)

Indication: Unable To Let Go

Unable or unwilling to give or let go. Opens you up to the flowing nature of unconditional love and charity

Diminutive, solemnly standing and holding her own in the harsh high desert of her Utah home. Where temperatures can range from -40 in winter freezes to as high as 136 fahrenheit in a heat wave of summer. Not only does she face temperature extremes but extremes of wind and sun and also competition for the meager amounts of rainfall in this desert environment.

We found these blossoms after two inches of rain blessed this area ending a seven month drought.

The little Twist Flower essence graces your heart and opens you to release. When you fear lack you may feel that you must hold onto everything. What you have begins to hold more importance than your relationships. You may have had a tough life and worry that you really need to conserve your possessions or your love or your energy because you feel that there is not enough. Being frugal can be important to help you through a lean time but it is true that a generous heart never experiences lack because lack is a feeling that believes in sacristy and generosity puts is faith in the flowing continual bounty of an expanding universe. Little Twist Flower essence helps to expand your faith in the act of letting go of beliefs, agendas, negative thoughts or attitudes. Faith that in giving your time, your money your possessions to others it will not shrink you or your resources but rather expand you in new and welcome ways.

A hard flower to identify I finally pinned it down with the help of the Utah National Parks as a Brassicaceae (Mustard Family). Purple flower buds at the top of a tall, swaying stem attract attention and then one notices the tiny urn-shaped purple flowers. The stem continues to elongate with a bud blooming into a flower every few days depending on the moisture and temperature. From flower to seed Streptanthella longirostris is an unusual plant!


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