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  Life Mission 

Indication: Lost or confused. Not knowing what it is that you came here to do. Unable to figure out what to do next. Unsure which avenue or life path you should pursue. Helpful when taking the next step, making a  life transition or considering possible careers or colleges.


It is believed that Keweenaw is an Ojibwa name meaning “portage or place where portage is made”. Keweenaw county at the tip of the Keweenaw peninsula is the northernmost county in the state of Michigan. It has the highest proportion of water area to total area. In essence, 90.95 percent of the county consists of a significant part of Lake Superior, while only 9.05 percent is actually land. Isle Royale is its northernmost section.

Located along the pristine shores of Lake Superior, its rugged beauty and breathtaking vistas create a uniquely serene biosphere. Here we have stood in awe of eagles, loons, wolves and moose. We have looked up at the night sky and beheld the kaleidoscope of the Aurora Borealis. 

The Keweenaw peninsula extends into southern Lake Superior (the world's largest freshwater lake) approximately 150 miles long and 50 miles wide. The Keweenaw fault extends along the length of the peninsula and marks the boundary between the Mid-continent rift and continental rocks. The rift valley is filled with a combination of volcanic rocks with minor amounts of igneous rocks and sediments derived from the igneous rocks. The Greenstone flow being one of the largest lava flows in the world. 

There is no way not to be struck by the awesome beauty here and the stunningly wild presence of Lake Superior makes it all the more emotional bringing up both questions and answers simultaneously. Here you come once afraid or worried and you leave strong and clear. Your heart steeped with new courage and resolve. This is not a blind courage but a very old and widened one. Fearless, because you now know that you cannot be hurt and will not meet a challenge that you will not overcome.

Peaceful in your mission you can now face what was previously scary with newfound strength and resolve. Through the water of the lake you can see your destiny and better understand why you are here and what it is you need to do to create the life change you desire. There is no scolding for the time you have wasted avoiding your truth, she simply redirects you like a Great Mother and says “move forward now child, you can do this. Remember that I will be your support and your guide... Always.” 

Keweenaw is a portage into the Greatest of the Great freshwater Lakes. Freezing cold and wild she is also abundant with gold, silver, copper and iron ore. Resources that will support you as you paddle your way to your next destination. A safe place to rest when you reach her shore. Gentle and revitalizing in summer sun and stunningly, magnificently, wild in winter's snow, ice and wind. Wake up now, she prods you. It is time to engage your willpower in the fiery pursuit that your soul forces need you to accomplish. Open your heart wide, relax your mind. Things are coming together now, listen, let go of the struggle and allow the brilliance to radiate within. Time to find your canoe, get in, and pick up your paddle!

The Keweenaw contains one of  the largest and most unique copper deposits in the world. It is the only district where native copper was the primary mineral mined throughout the life spans of the mines. The preserved geologic history consists of rocks from the Precambrian (1.1 billion years) and Pleistocene ( 2 million year) glacial deposits.

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Written by Daniela on Jun 28th 2021

I've just finished this essence and I 'll need to take it again. It's helped me feel more focused, with more grasp on my decisions. So I feel I need more time with it to get more information.