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(Hepatica americana)

Life Direction

Indications: Helps you to orient and to find your life direction when you feel confused or lost.

Common names: Liverleaf, Liverwort,Squirrel-cup, Heartleaf

These tiny violet flowers were the only Spring flowers showing on a snowy April morning
in a hilly forest near lake and swampy areas in southern Michigan.


You sometimes have to clearly focus to achieve a goal when the road signs are no longer obvious, the old path is covered and the destination is evolving. 

You may be challenged to take new roads in your life and to blaze trails previously unwalked as you come to offer your unique service and gifts to your community.

This is an essence to help you keep proper focus and clarity in regards to your greater purpose so that your destiny is not lost. This works in two ways.
First, there is a balancing and opening of the Solar Plexus. This serves to ignite your will, your drive, and your determination to set goals, to move towards them
and to resourcefully approach the obstacles of physical life. Then, the essence opens the Crown Chakra, allowing freer access to Divine Guidance and clear judgment
in the myriad of situations that challenge Divine Action on this Plane.


 Hepatica, a member of the buttercup family, is native not only to northeastern North America 
but also to central and northern Europe and Asia. 
Also called liverleaf, Hepatica’s names derive from its leaves having three lobes like the human liver (Greek ‘hepar’).

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