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(Solidago canadensis)

Common names: Tall Goldenrod, Common Goldenrod

Healing a Broken Spirit

Indications: brings calm and an ability to heal after upsetting or scaring experiences that have left you feeling anxious, disjointed, or deeply upset at core levels. Directs you back to a place of wholeness and stability.

Goldenrod sways gently in the late summer breeze here in the rural upstate New York sunshine. She stands triumphant, flowing across every meadow, her showy golden presence strong and hopeful. Her Latin name solidago means “to make whole again” and the golden starburst of this beautiful flower brightens the hilly landscape with a sense of purpose and clarity.

The essence helps to strengthens your inner resolve to recover from illness or trauma and to find your wholeness again. Episodes of stress, nightmares or undo anxiety can result from many causes, most often from exposure or experiences of actual traumatic events as well as anything that overwhelms the emotions or central nervous system.

Because people process life experiences in very different ways, if you are sensitive you may take in a lot more information from your experiences than others and without proper grounding and an ability to clear or discharge excessive energy you may experience nervous overwhelm. Situations that others seem unaffected by may inundate the sensory apparatus of a more impressionable perceptive soul.

Goldenrod is often confused with ragweed because it blooms at the same time of year. Fortunately its essence can help the body to calm allergy as it holds your bodies immune system, or sacred identity, in a structure of oneness strengthening inner communication. Because a compromised immune system has gone rogue, it no longer protects you instead your own defense mechanism has turned on you attacking your wholeness. Goldenrod helps the body return to wholeness.

Born to thrive and spread from wetland to meadow she holds space with brilliant yellow calming inner fears that you cannot heal or let go of your wounds. Her value in helping to heal emotional trauma is a gift of hope and strength. Strength to march on, to try, to achieve the life and happiness you were meant to live. To touch the world with wholeness, with courage and with great strength.


Goldenrod, a member of the aster family, is indigenous to North America where it enjoys a wide natural range growing along roadsides and in fall gardens from coast to coast where it is enjoyed by pollinators of all varieties. Used medicinally to clean and strengthen the urinary tract it is also beneficial for dissolving kidney stones and aiding the lymphatic system. Goldenrod has also proved effective for many who suffer from allergies to relieve stuffiness, rhinitis, sneezing and other symptoms especially relating to fall allergies.



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