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(Liatris pycnostachya)

Common names: Prairie Blazing Star, Button Snakeroot, Dense Blazing Star, Gay Feather, Marsh Blazing Star, Snakeroot, Spike Gayfeather

Over Analyzation

Indication: Works when you are caught in a cycle of over analyzation or trying to "figure out" your problems from a mental perspective only. Helps you to release your need to "know" while opening you to receive higher answers.

Raising her head high above the other prairie wildflowers the Gayfeather looks important and sees what others below cannot. Her purple “feathers” representing crown chakra energy as her stature proclaims “I will go straight to the heart of the matter!”

To consider and to take stock is healthy. Weighing what you know, what you have learned and what others are trying to teach you can help you to make wise choices and integrate complicated experiences. Sometimes however you may be allowing your brain to overthink and create unnecessary stress as you try to figure out or to prearrange too many aspects of your life and this can stifle your flow of creative adventure.

Gay feather assists you in getting out of the mind that is constantly trying to “figure out” everything, instead of trusting in Divine guardianship and guidance. Letting your mind believe it needs to always understand and control your life can keep you up at night as all of your problems line themselves up for solution. It can also keep you blind to the real truth as the mind by itself was never meant to be in total control and simply doesn't “see” everything in completeness.  Many of life's issues, it turns out, are not math problems to be solved, rather situations that must be lived through in order to feel the feelings and learn the lessons given. Over analyzation of how, why, what and when with a constant rehashing of what was said in past conversations does little to correct and only keeps your mind agitated and your body producing more stress hormones. Needing to see the scientific facts before you believe limits you to only what science has presently discovered and then to which science you are willing to look at and believe.

Gayfeather is taller than all the other wildflowers in this native prairie field where she dominates the landscape in the sweltering heat of early August. Her showy plumes playfully tickle your fancy opening your senses while helping you to let go of past thoughts and events and stay open to new possibilities. Gayfeather essence begs you to let go of the tension of always needing to know. She offers you a faith that expands you far beyond the reaches of what your intellect can come up with. Your brain is limited in its capacity to understand more than it already knows or the information that is available to you, whereas the Spirit is limitless in possibly.

When you shift from mind to heart and learn to trust not what you know but what you feel, you will begin to enjoy the blessings of many, many miracles.

Gayflower is a native prairie wildflower and this essence is from a massive replanted prairie near Albert Lea Minnesota. Here the Sioux, Crows and Blackfeet dominated the Northern Plains and they used this plant as a source of food and medicine.  

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