December Primrose

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December Primrose

(Primula Vulgaris)

Goals, Vision

Indications: Helps strengthen our focus towards goals and ideals.


December 13, 2003

The Primrose path is a walk of beauty. 

To be guided by flowers..... your heart is uplifted,
your soul filled with light,
your body loses its weight
and the walk becomes a dance.
The December Primrose offers you a deep seeing,
an opportunity to strengthen your vision
 to more clearly perceive the path before you.
This essence holds the deep and lofty goals of the soul
before you in all their shimmering radiance
in order that you may hold your focus to these ideals.
It then surrounds you 
in a soft deep comforting blanket of protection.....
a blanket that can protect these visions
from the fears and worries of an interrogating mind.

This Primrose was blooming brightly on a 10o Michigan day.
The ground had been frozen for weeks.
It blossoms for you now to offer radiant inspiration and energy
to dreams and aspirations that have become frozen into inaction
because of complications or stress.
December Primrose helps you to reignite your spirit
with its original passion for life and accomplishment.

This is an excellent remedy for groups
to help them focus their visions
and move towards them with joy, energy and strength.
For the individual, December Primrose Blossom
smiles brightly as she guides your feet to the door of your heart’s desire.

 Common Primrose or English Primrose. It is native to western and southern Europe, northwest Africa, and southwest Asia. 
One of the earliest Spring bloomers in much of Europe, Primrose is in full flower in the gardens of the U.S. and U.K. during April and May.

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