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Clear Voice

Indications: Opens your throat chakra and clears your voice to speak, to listen, to sing.

Crickets’ song varies with the temperature of the evening….. the warmer the temperature, the faster the tempo.
It is the males who “sing” the chirping songs to attract the females.
The male crickets rub together special areas of their forewings to make the sound
and raise their wings to act as sounding boards. Cricket songs were so prized in ancient China and Japan
that crickets were kept as pets in golden cages.
There are no crickets in this essence bowl, only the vibrations of their song.


Crickets in Michigan on a September evening..... unseen, but a chorus so loud and powerful that they block out the noises of the city.

The unending traffic noises are lost in the crickets joyful praise and continual song.

This is an essence to return you to reverence, to recognizing the simple majestic perfection of all things
and embracing the God in the everyday and commonplace.

This essence will quiet you and bring you back to a place of peace, and then from this deep peace
you will feel your heart fill with song.

To sing and be joyous, to have your heart filled with praise,
is a powerful gift.

There is a gentle penetrating activation and cleansing of the throat charka
as the negative is cleared away from this charka.

The vibration works to open your voice..... your true voice and the voice of your Higher Self.

This essence will help anyone with throat charka issues, and it comes to us at a time when there is so much noise
banging, clanging, and beeping..... when the human voice is so often used in ugliness and chatter.

The crickets now sing to you:
“Clear your voice.
Open up to the wonder around you.
Bless this day!
Praise God!
Join the chorus and sing!”

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copyright © 2010 by Merri Walters Great Lakes Sacred Essences