Canadian Hemlock

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Canadian Hemlock

(Tsuga canadensis)


Common Names: Eastern Hemlock, Spruce Hemlock

Indications: Nurturing and quieting, while supporting patience and inner strength.



Canadian Hemlock

These Canadian Hemlock trees are rooted around boulders and climb up canyon walls. They know how to hang on and thrive. They attain the highest heights through strong etheric bonding with the rocks surviving the most recent glaciation.

This essence was made in the canyons of the Hocking Hills in South East Ohio, about 500 miles south of the natural range of this species of Canadian Hemlock. The unique ecosystems in these valleys are treed
almost exclusively with Hemlock, some trees towering over 140 feet and some possibly 300-800 years old. The roots of the trees, like orchids hanging on to the tree trunks in the Amazon, cling to canyon walls stretching as far as 50 feet before penetrating the rich, wet soil. Breathing the air here, one finds it wet, warm and supportive.


The Canadian Hemlock essence helps you to met the world with courage by harnessing your instinctive survival senses to center more actively in your physical body and the practical material
world while strengthening your ego with the ability to cope with adversity and to proceed with an attitude of fortitude, tenacity and endurance which offers you both the physical and emotional stamina needed to thrive.

The Canadian Hemlock essence acts as the gentle presence of an Elder who quietly watches over you and nurtures through their radiant presence. It teaches patience as an art that can be practiced and brought into higher levels of refinement.


The Canadian Hemlock essence works to quiet restlessness by refocusing your attention to the higher goal. This essence is humbling and, at the same time, strengthening as it nurtures kind-heartedness and charity..... Goodness for the sake of goodness.


Clinging to the canyon walls in Ohio's Hocking Hills, these Canadian Hemlock survived at the edge of the 
glaciers 10,000 to 12,000 ago. Sheltered in rocky ravines, the dense forests here comprise a diverse 
population of plants where southern Appalachian species merge with those usually found much further north. 

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