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Restoring Original Trust

Indications: Helpful when you have lost your innate sense of trust...  unable to feel truly safe on Earth. Helps the body heal after injury, surgery or trauma.

The Valles Caldera in New Mexicoʼs volcanic Jemez Mountain Range is an 89,000 acre property situated inside a collapsed crater. Formed during two separate eruptions over 1 million years ago, it is one of three active super calderas in the U.S. When the volcano last erupted it expelled an enormous amount of ash and lava that covered the surrounding Jemez Mountains, piling up 150 cubic miles of rock, and blasting ash as far away as Iowa, while the landscape above the volcano sank back on itself to form the vast bowl of the Valles Caldera. Its eruption was equivalent to 2000 Mt. St. Helens and may have something to do with how the western U.S. portion of the North American tectonic plate is being pulled apart.

The essence of the Caldera was made on a cold April morning. Driving up the mountain, the sun glistened on the thin, fresh layer of icy, white snow. The flat Caldera seemed an anomaly on the mountain top…
a vast, soft meadowland spreading wide to form an enormous circle. The Nature spirits immediately began playing with me, as the bright sun warmed my back, and I was asked to lay on my belly in the cold, melting snow to take photographs. 

The Caldera essence vibrationally strengthens and stabilizes your root chakra, offering assistance when you have lost your innate sense of trust due to a scarring or negative experience that has ruptured your confidence in the safety and stability of your situation or the world. Radical relationship upheaval, violence or attack, being cheated or taken advantage of or losing a love can leave bitter wounds that penetrate your heart with feelings of vulnerability or anger. Collectively and individually as humans, we have all experienced injury, injustice, deception and betrayal, challenging our sense of safety and our ability to hold faith.

The trust of an infant is 100% until she experiences her first belly cramp, head bump or night of endless crying without rescue. Slowly and naturally this sense of external reliance and trust is balanced with internal resilience and self-confidence to endure and overcome challenge or pain. The human will is strengthened and made durable, able to buoyantly withstand the duress of stress, attack or misfortune. Your security lies in your ability to learn to trust in a higher power and to work to transform your own issues, thus learning to take care of yourself. The Caldera essence helps to cleanse the emotional wounding and scarring in your heart, strengthening this power center to trust once again. As you regain your sense of faith, you become more sensitive and receptive in your heart center, and this awareness increases your self-protective impulses in an appropriate way. This essence can be an excellent first flower essence choice to open your heart and perceptions to the healing power of flower essences, restoring to jaded, paranoid, untrusting or vulnerable feelings a sense of foundational trust. 

Working to bring healing energy to the original trauma and the unconscious or subterranean volcano of emotions and feelings around it, the essence supports you in coming to peace with your inner churning of personal soul development. It increases your ability to “be in” your physical body and to trust your physical experience by helping you reconnect with the physical areas that have been traumatized, while cleansing the emotional wounds in your heart. This is an excellent flower essence to take after surgery or an accident, as it can encourage the physical body to stabilize and heal on all levels. As the Caldera essence allows light energy and protective power to permeate, you begin to feel an inner stability, while regaining a sense of personal power and integrity.

The once volcano that shaped the mountains, valleys and canyons of the united States Southwest is now peacefully covered in soft, sweet meadow grasses. Its essence offers you, too, a recovery from anger, instability and fear, helping to promote self-healing and restoring you to your original trusting nature.

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copyright © 2010 by Merri Walters Great Lakes Sacred Essences 

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    Posted by Amanda on Jan 19th 2021

    This is only my second essence from GLSE, but both have been SO powerful. It makes sense this one should be since it’s from a volcano.