Birch Pollen

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Birch Pollen

(Betula papyrifera)

Common names: Paper Birch, White Birch, Canoe Birch Birch tree, North American Birch

Male-Female Communication

Indications: Helps to improve compassion and communication within a relationship, especially between males and females.

Birch pollen is a catalyst for improving communication within relationships.

Birch is an old friend to the natives of the north Americas. It is a quick growing tree that can reach 75 feet in 20 to 30 years. It rarely lives longer than 125 years but those of us that roam the northern forest have met a few grandfathers of amazing girth and height. To walk among Birch in a forest feels like standing among brothers. Quietly they watch over you and rejoice in your coming. There is a strong Native presence among these trees. Native Americans used the bark to wall teepees and hogans, to make canoes, torches, cooking pots, containers for carrying water, to start fires..... and tapped the trees, like maple trees are in the Spring, for sweet juice which was boiled for teas, vinegar, or sugar and used to sweeten medicines.

The Birch Pollen essence is a catalyst for improving communication within relationships, helping to clear channels of dialogue to both receive and to truly listen as well as to be able to clearly speak your truth. This is especially helpful in male and female relationships where emotions often have their origins in larger male and female archetypes and many layers of Karma are being presented to be worked out by the couple.

The feelings of tension around the current situation or argument may have its origins in a past incarnation that is blocked from your now-conscious memory. The potent pollen energy in this essence helps you to move beyond the tension of the past and more clearly see the healing that is possible in the present.

As the Birch tree releases its layers of bark to reveal its sweet pink underskin, the Birch Pollen essence helps you to peel back your layers of pain and self defense and open up to clear, helpful, healing dialogue between partners, father and daughter, or brother and sister..... helping to restore harmony of yin and yang in your life.


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