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(Sagittaria latifolia)

Common names: Duck Patato, Katniss, Swamp Potato, Tule PotatoOmodaka, Wapato, Wapatoo, Giant Arrowhead, Valley Arrowhead, Sanford's Arrowhead

Indication: Denial, Acceptance

Caught in patterns of denial that keep you from seeing and facing the truth.

It's frightening to face aspects of yourself or situations that you do not want to see. When you avoid the truth you create an illusionary reality. Everyone can be guilty of this in some aspects of your life. This world is a maze that you must face and sift through the misperceptions every day, at every turn. Choosing to ignore what you don't want to see only allows your shadow self more power to sabotage your relationships, it denies your spirit, and keeps you from realizing your destiny and dreams. Repressed secrets bury themselves in the darkness of your subconscious mind and the more you repress them the the harder they feel to face up to.

Growing with its roots trailing under the flowing wetland waterway, Arrowhead shoots like a messenger arrow into the heart center, delivering the assurance that you have the courage to survive the darkness of the soul with all its secrets.

The shadow is what you don't want to be. Yet, you can be so good at hiding your dark side that you mask it even from yourself...further repressing it. When you allow the light of consciousness to shine into your dark spaces you can take back your personal power, you can choose to address conflicts, rather than just react to them.

The Arrowhead essence allows you to replace judgement with compassion and understanding. Guiding you to learn to own all of who you are and to stop projecting your negative aspects onto other people.

The arrowhead chooses to grow in water, its roots deep in the swamp muck below. With more than half of its body submerged it offers you a pathway to dive into the scary underworld that leads to self realization. It is here, where you can finally allow your inner eyes to be calmly opened and accepting, that you have the chance to not only see your authentic self…. but to truly take back, your life.

The flowers of Arrowhead have an interesting arrangement.  They occur in a spike with the male flowers at the top of the flower stalk and the female flowers below.
The plant is found in shallow wetlands and is sometimes known as duck-potato or wapato. The Arrowhead plants store food in enlarged areas on the outer ends of their roots called corms.  These are small tubers or the "duck potatoes" referred to in the nickname. The corms were harvested by Native Americans (usually the women) in the fall. The women would feel around the lake bottom with their toes to locate and dislodge the tubers,
which would float to the surface where they could be gathered.  Bitter when raw, they become quite tasty after cooking.

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