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(Arnica montana)

Common names: Wolf's Bane, leopard's Bane, Mountain Tobacco. Mountain Arnica

Healing and realignment

Indications: Supports the healing necessary on all levels for one who has suffered injury, abuse, surgery or bruising of the body, the mind, or the spirit.

When your astral body is out of alignment with your physical body the definition of your auric shield can be fragmented, allowing you to become more vulnerable to accident, injury or attack. Our bodies have become more dense over time and less able to sense and harmonize with our environment. Our world has become harsher and less supportive. In very personal ways, many are experiencing pain or feeling beat up by the unending tension and conflict that surround them. Others experience the impact of physical injury more than just occasionally.

Arnica flower essence works to restore your protective sheath, helping you experience well-being and a sense of physical guardianship. It supports the energetic networks of your body to reconnect and heal after injury or trauma. Arnica aides a person in moving from shock and disconnect to integration and recovery.

With its power to strengthen the aura, Arnica helps you feel a stronger connection with your senses, especially your protective networks that help you sense out conflict or trouble and harmonize better with your


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