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Starter Set

36 flower essences for a wide range of life's challenges

An excellent collection for learning to work with our flower essences.


Flower Essences Included:

  • Autumn Alpine Strawberry – For feeling that there is too little and that one must strive for money, love, security, things.
  • Baby's Breath – Return of rhythmic, gentle breath that helps one be present in the moment while opening to a softer, more spacious mental perspective.
  • Bearberry – Helps one hold true to one's self amid domineering people or situations.
  • Black Canyon Juniper – Very protective... provides one with appropriate shielding from negative energies while safeguarding against forces that drain one's spirit and energy.
  • Cedar – For the healing of relationships, Cedar creates a neutral space where we can see beyond our charged emotions and unhealed wounds from the past.
  • Chickweed – Releases grumpy, cross emotions... eases feelings of inequity... opens one to embrace supportive community, restoring grace, humor & sunshine.
  • Chicory – For redirecting needy, self-first disruptive behavior. Helps one find recognition & fulfillment through community service.
  • Dandelion – Helps provide sunny determination in the midst of adversity.
  • Green Ephedra – Instills a better understanding of one's past life experiences, unblocking patterns that can be the source of addictive or repetitive behavior.
  • Hoary Puccoon – For conditions of constant fret, excessive compulsive worry or behavior, negative thoughts & recycling events & conversations... helps the mind release its addiction to over-analyzing & critical, self-defeating behaviors.
  • Jupiter~Full Moon – Encourages trust & courage to embark on important projects & follow one's heart-dreams.
  • Lake Superior Hue – For exhaustion or depletion... helps to restore color frequencies and energetic vibrancy to the aura, allowing the physical body to rest and revitalize.
  • Lake Superior Sand – A purifier, sand refines and redefines, allowing for transformation... helpful with issues where you have been trying to make the change for a long time.
  • Lake Superior Storm – For recharging & cleansing... releases burnout... helpful to sensitives.
  • Lilac – A general remedy for many causes of stress that contribute to neck, shoulder or lower back tightness & overall nervous tension & stiffness.
  • Lupine – Supports one in straightening up one's life & surroundings both comprehensively & joyfully, releasing the unneeded and clearing a way for productiveness.
  • Makah – For integration and connection in a fragmented world.
  • Mars – Empowers intuition, nurturing & birthing to help meet the challenges of these times.


  • Meadow Bright – For breaking familial patterns of dysfunction, addiction, abuse, self-sabotage, overly critical or severe behavior.
  • Monkshood – Helps to stabilize and calm the emotional body after exposure to frightening, shocking or embarrassing situations.
  • Montana Prairie – Clears the old, allowing for fresh healing energy to be received.
  • Moss – Supports recovery & healing on all levels, releasing negative patterns & self-defeating habits as well as our need to be self-critical.
  • Motherwort – For appropriate nurturing of the self & soothing the stress of worry that comes from over-concern for another's welfare.
  • November Lavender – Especially helpful to those with an oversensitive nervous system who have trouble staying grounded in their physical body and may suffer from nervous affectations.
  • Ochlockonee River – Revitalizing... helps one to feel held, nurtured and connected on the Earth... renewal after illness or loss.
  • October Pear – Helps one to stay focused with one's time and actions... assists one in overcoming self-defeating behaviors.
  • Prickly Pear – Loss of faith... a sense of giving up and extreme tiredness are indications for this essence.
  • Rabbit-brush – Helps one integrate the "Big Picture" and the little details of a project... for feelings of overwhelm & worry over big projects... helps one set blueprints for success.
  • Sacred Tree Circle – An invitation to stand within one of the ancient Tree Circles is both purifying & illuminating as our body is held in Healing Light & our consciousness floods with the Wisdom of the Tree Spirits.
  • Selenite – Helpful in accessing information from dreams and past lives.
  • Sipapu – For healing from birth trauma at core levels & grounding to Earth our bodies and our purpose.
  • Spotted Jewelweed – Activates energy when one is stuck and unable to move forward.
  • Sugar Maple – Helps one to work with cycles and to learn to pace one's activities in a healthier manner, helping to restore creative, procreative and sexual energy.
  • Tall Wormwood – Helps one to release the tiny daily struggles & emotional wounds that create such stress & heaviness in the heart... supports us in releasing patterns of repetitive illness.
  • Viburnum – Sets up clear energetic boundaries and protection.
  • White Water Lily – Offers those with a dreamy psychic nature a sense of protection & trust in the physical... helps one's physical, mental & spiritual ground on the Earth plane, into the here & now.

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