Sensitives Set

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Sensitives Set

24 Essences for the Sensitive

A set of essences intended to help those in tune with their surroundings, who may at times feel oversensitive to stimuli, to realize the strengths that their sensitivities bring them.

Flower Essences Included:

  • Wood Betony – Helps one to work with the cycles of one's life in a balanced and respectful way.
  • Columbine – Helps those who look different, think different or act uniquely to recognize their own inner beauty... fosters the strength and courage to be who they are radiantly.
  • Milkweed – Helps those with regressive or irresponsible behavior -- who are noncommittal to projects and avoid or check out of meaningful, eventful experiences or who remain overly dependent and allow others to do their work for them.
  • Wichita Medicine – Especially helpful to energy workers, mothers, fathers and other healers who use their hands to channel healing energies.
  • Nirvana – Teaches the value of action & reaction.
  • Jack Pine – Helps one let go of a preconceived agenda, trust in intuitive guidance and gracefully make adjustments in plans accordingly.
  • White Avens – Restores self-care, self-trust for those prone to tantrums, threats, self-destruction.
  • Spiderwort – Beneficial in helping one to heal after verbal or physical attack. Works to create protection by sealing wounds in the energy field.
  • Beauty Bush – For overly dependent behavior. Supports development of self-confidence and appropriate maturity, while rooting practicality & perseverance.
  • Dame's Rocket – Helps develop spiritual sensitivities to higher & clearer frequencies while strengthening one's communication with Spirit.
  • Lake Superior Rock – Brings balance to busyness... for helping meet the challenges of doing so much & having to constantly reorient.
  • Sipapu – For healing from birth trauma at core levels & grounding to Earth our bodies and our purpose.
  •  Motherwort – For appropriate nurturing of the self & soothing the stress of worry that comes from over-concern for another's welfare.
  • Lake Superior Storm – For recharging & cleansing... releases burnout... helpful to sensitives.
  • Bristlecone Pine – Helpful to those with a slower sense-based metabolism who feel uncomfortable with the fast pace of modern live and cities.
  • White Lilac – For helping those with a quiet, sensitive inner nature feel more socially confident.
  • White Water Lily – Offers those with a dreamy psychic nature a sense of protection & trust in the physical... helps one's physical, mental & spiritual ground on the Earth plane, into the here & now.
  • Black Canyon Juniper – Very protective... provides one with appropriate shielding from negative energies while safeguarding against forces that drain one's spirit and energy.
  • Trillium – Protection from physical or psychic attack.
  • Fairy Ring – Opens one's heart to restore relationship with Elementals & the Natural Realms... helps one attune to the subtle intonations of Nature Spirits.
  • Jupiter~Full Moon – Encourages trust & courage to embark on important projects & follow one's heart-dreams.
  • Viburnum – Sets up clear energetic boundaries and protection.
  • November Lavender – Especially helpful to those with an oversensitive nervous system who have trouble staying grounded in their physical body and may suffer from nervous affectations.
  • September Strawberry – For courage to stay in your heart and face the challenge of doing new things.

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