Miracle Flowers

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Miracle Flowers

15 Essences made from miraculously blooming flowers

The Miracle Flowers support an awakening and transformative process that can assist one's spiritual journey by enhancing universal connections to light, releasing the ego's need to know or figure out, opening the mind to miracles. These flowers, having stepped into the new paradigm, offer their essences to help us move there. This offering comes from flowers blooming at new times - cherry blossoms in autumn on a "dead" cherry tree, pear & crab apple blossoms in the fall alongside the tree's fruit, alpine strawberry blooming in November, primrose blooming on an 8-degree December day - and from miraculous timing or location of other flowers.


Please note that due to the creation of new essences the above picture may not show all essences sold with this set.


Flower Essences Included:

  • Autumn Alpine Strawberry – For feeling that there is too little and that one must strive for money, love, security, things.
  • Lodge Tulip – Quiets the mind's chatter & allows for expansion of the inner mind.
  • November Feverfew – Calming release from nervous tension when too reactive to outside events.
  • November Lavender – Especially helpful to those with an oversensitive nervous system who have trouble staying grounded in their physical body and may suffer from nervous affectations.
  • November Phlox – Helps to strengthen communication while clearing confusion.
  • October Foxglove – For those who fear taking emotional risks and make pragmatic decisions based on their fears.


  • October Pear – Helps one to stay focused with one's time and actions... assists one in overcoming self-defeating behaviors.
  • Sept. Cherry, 4th Year – The last season of the miracle cherry tree that blossomed 4 autumns in a row and offered Christmas cherries on its last year. Opens one up to the quest.
  • September Crab Apple – For realizing all things are possible and feeling supported in missions of faith and hope.
  • September Strawberry – For courage to stay in your heart and face the challenge of doing new things.
  • Thornless Blackberry – Manifestation... helps one to awaken dormant talents & one's own ability to channel the miraculous.
  • Winter Pansy – Enhancing universal connections to the forces of light... expansive... releasing mental inflexibility & the ego's need to "know" or "figure out"... opens the mind to miracles.

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