Great Lakes Set

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Great Lakes Set

Freshwater lakes, big and wide in the heart of America

With more fresh water than any other place on the planet, the Great Lakes offer their strength and power through the 24 essences of our Great Lakes Set.

Flower Essences Included:

  • Agawa Bay – For staying in the circle we are in and not being called into too many projects.
  • Georgian Bay – Brings one back to ones Spiritual Nature where one can truly see and feel the sacredness of Life.
  • Georgian Bay Spring – For loss of innate will when circumstance has caused one to "give away" ones power. Helps to reignite the strength of ones will to live, to thrive, and to be independent.
  • Lake Erie – Deluded by ones Ego to promote an exaggerated view of one's history, self or abilities. Supports the personality in its journey from the Ego motivated self to the humble, listening servant self.
  • Lake Huron – Not knowing when to stop. Overdoing it. Unable to turn it off. Irritable, moody, excessive.
  • Lake Michigan – Helps us to find our own inner peace and then to put this peace into action in our relationships and world.
  • Lake Michigan Inlet – Momentum... helps bring movement to emotions, life plans, or thought processes that are stuck or dissipated.
  • Lake Ontario – Opens one up to allow the deep questions of one's soul to pour forth... helps one listen on a universal level, to reflect & find deep soul peace.
  • Lake Superior – Deeply supportive... helps one to release the struggle that keeps one preoccupied... offers profound Peace... the doorway to the Great Spirit.


  • Lake Superior Hue – For exhaustion or depletion... helps to restore color frequencies and energetic vibrancy to the aura, allowing the physical body to rest and revitalize.
  • Lake Superior Psychic – Offers constant source of pure deep energy & support... deeply cleansing & purifying to one's aura after intense growth or spiritual work... the clarity of Peace.
  • Lake Superior Rock – Brings balance to busyness... for helping meet the challenges of doing so much & having to constantly reorient.
  • Lake Superior Sand – A purifier, sand refines and redefines, allowing for transformation... helpful with issues where you have been trying to make the change for a long time.
  • Lake Superior Storm – For recharging & cleansing... releases burnout... helpful to sensitives.
  • Niagara Falls – Helps abundance flow forth in strength & power, assisting in staying with the flow without being carried away by emotions.
  • Nirvana – Teaches the value of action & reaction.
  • Rainbow Falls – Helps to release one's fear & anxiety around challenging situations... gives one the courage & faith to transcend the "impossible."
  • Singing Sands – Unable to wake up; slow starts; weak incarnation; slow to motivate; dreamy; can't think clearly; unmotivated to do what one has loved doing in the past; cool, withdrawn, sad, sleepy; lost one's song, joy motivation.

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