Gem Essences

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Gem Essences

The gem essences ground, amplify and direct energy in an essence combination. 

Please note that due to the creation of new essences the above picture may not show all essences sold with this set. 

Flower Essences Included:

  • Copper Harbor Copper – Employing distracting behavior such as humor to hide ones true self. Seemingly unable to access and talk about ones more painful or inner feelings. Entertaining only superficial conversations and relationships.
  • Selenite – Helpful in accessing information from dreams and past lives.


  • Solarwind Rose Quartz – Helps to balance the heart chakra so that it can become a focal point for processing the energy of ones inspiration and dreams.
  • Sunburst Calcite – Amplifies one's ability to connect to greater sources of Universal power... radiant, prayerful, grounding... use this to amplify any essence combination.

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