Earth Essences

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Earth Essences

33 Essences made from the Earth

Made at sacred sites and areas of great Earth energy, the Earth essences help to ground intent, release negativity and strengthen purpose.

Please note that due to the creation of new essences the above picture may not show all essences sold with this set. 

Flower Essences Included:

  • Badlands Storm – Supports truth in negotiations & the honoring of our commitments.
  • Bear Butte – Helps to absorb malignant physical energy while accelerating physical frequency to a place of Love, Harmony, and Spirit Consciousness.
  • Bear Lodge – For feelings of being undermined and unrespected... helps one to align with the strength of the Spirit and regain one's balance, confidence & power.
  • Bird Energy – Extremely helpful to energy workers in repairing the aura field.
  • Caldera – Helpful to those who have lost their innate sense of trust... often unable to feel truly safe on Earth.
  • Cedar Falls – Compelled to doing things out of fear... worry about survival... unable to devote energy to true path & life purpose.
  • Chalk Pyramids – Helpful when one is feeling drained or eroded by life's trials and stresses... allows one's inner ears to open to the vibrations of the Earth, helping one to feel more stable by reconnecting to the Earth's wisdom.
  • Church Rock – Supports peacefulness & compassion to ground overly aggressive or overly physical behavior.
  • Cricket – Opens the throat chakra and clears the voice to speak, to listen, to sing.
  • Enchanted Rock – For those who are easily disrupted or feel ungrounded by the chaos around them. Helps to stabilize one's root chakra, allowing one to feel more secure and present.
  • Fairy Ring – Opens one's heart to restore relationship with Elementals & the Natural Realms... helps one attune to the subtle intonations of Nature Spirits.
  • Gaspé – Aids in transition, helping one release pain & grief and transcend to the next level with strength & courage.
  • Grand Tetons – Enhances a deeper spiritual connection, helping one to access the highest and best.
  • Great Sand Dunes – Comforting to those who fear the future or have fears of the unknown.
  • Guardian Stones – Settles unfounded hysteric feelings and fears projected by society, community, or mob mentality. Helps one to think for oneself and act out of rational wise choices.
  • Kiva Cave – Calls one to one's own sacred space, helping one "carve out" down-time, alone-time or family-time that helps foster true spiritual relationship.


  • Lava Field – Helps the warrior to learn to find peace within the complicated feelings and thoughts that one must integrate and heal after exposure to war or war like situations.
  • Mammoth Cave – Helps one open inner passageways to an expanded larger reality where Intuition, Guidance & Perspective can be experienced.
  • Medicine Wheel – Aids your journey in the circle of Life. You enter the Earth plane with certain powers, gifts and challenges. You learn, you grow, progressing around the wheel of experience. Medicine Wheel essence helps you to gracefully embrace your next medicine or teaching.
  • Montana Prairie – Clears the old, allowing for fresh healing energy to be received.
  • Morning Pipe – Strengthens prayer, meditation & perception of spiritual timing.
  • Palo Duro Rain – Fosters faith when facing a long struggle or a goal that will require persistence and continued application. Helps one to endure with patience while keeping ones spirits up and focused on the light.
  • Pipestone – Encourages a path back to ones center where one can release the unnecessary things that distract one from clear vision and purpose.
  • Pyramid Point – Helps one experience a stronger connection to Angelic protection & guidance... aids one's relationship & communication with Angels.
  • Rocky Mountains – Imparts enthusiasm and new-found energy when facing something big, challenging or new.
  • Sacred Tree Circle – An invitation to stand within one of the ancient Tree Circles is both purifying & illuminating as our body is held in Healing Light & our consciousness floods with the Wisdom of the Tree Spirits.
  • Seawall – Meets stubborn cantankerous behavior with patience, love and persistence helping one to "move" the "unmovable".
  • Serpent Mound – Aligns our energies with the strength of the God force within us, activating our true energy to participate in co-creation.
  • Sipapu – For healing from birth trauma at core levels & grounding to Earth our bodies and our purpose.
  • Thunderbird Rocks – Anxiety over life purpose and a compulsive need to do things in a hurry.
  • Wichita Medicine – Especially helpful to energy workers, mothers, fathers and other healers who use their hands to channel healing energies.



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