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Full Moon Special of the Month

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 Full Moon Special of the Month

1oz Full Moon Tincture + 2oz Full Moon Spray

Pregnancy, Birthing, Mothering

Full Moon™ addresses feminine creative energy at its peak, with pregnancy, birthing, mothering, career building and other creative endeavors that make for a full life converging and vying for time & energy. Full Moon™ can help regulate menstrual cycles, enhance or calm fertility, and prepare one for and support pregnancy, childbirth & other creative processes.

Flower Essence Combination:

(in tinctures and sprays)
  • Lake Superior Hue – for times of energetic drain or depletion... helps to restore color frequencies & energetic vibrancy to body systems & aura.
  • Motherwort – soothes the stress of worry that comes from over-concern for another's welfare... helps one to use one's powerful mothering energies to appropriately nurture the self, then offer compassionate care to others.
  • Thyme – embraces the feminine principles represented by the waters of this planet... offers an archetype of health & transformation... useful when you need to get things done, spread information or cover a lot of ground.
  • Jupiter~Full Moon – encourages trust & courage to embark on important projects & follow one's heart-dreams... helps one to anchor bravery & faith into the physical... teaches capacity & the ability to handle many & various tasks, emotions & directions with fluid grace & non-reactivity.
  • Jack Pine – helps one to let go of a preconceived agenda, trust in intuitive guidance & gracefully make adjustments to plans accordingly.
  • Ancient Live Oak – aids the mother who has so many depending on her... provides a sense of balance to overly-responsible, unrelenting standards.
  • Rose – aids one in letting go of unrealistic demands of perfectionism, helping one relax & unfold one's natural beauty & talents gracefully.
  • Rosy Crown – helps one who struggles in their parenting with issues around setting healthy boundaries or waffling between being overly strict & too permissive.
  • Wholywort – supports the accessing & healing of one's relationship with the mother.
  • Generational Cedar – helps one root in the strength of one's ancestors, grounding in ancient wisdom while helping the mother be the vessel that imbues the next generation with the strength of fundamental truths.
  • Kiva Cave – calls one to one's own sacred space, helping one "carve out" down-time, alone-time or family-time that helps foster true spiritual relationship.
  • Bay of St. Lawrence – supports the mother with a natural sense to prepare for the future & to create a beautiful, warm protected nest in which to gather the family and loved ones around the home fire away from winter winds.
  • Baby's Breath – helps one open to a softer, more spacious mental perspective... offers a balanced relationship with time & respect for Divine unfoldment of events.

Essential Oils:

(in sprays only)
  • Amyris [Haiti, wild-crafted] – reduces tension, relieves anxiety, improves mental clarity... awakens life force energy... elevates spiritual awareness by calming the mind, encouraging peace & tranquility.
  • Highland Lavender [France, organic] – strengthens the nervous system... clears thinking... soothing to feelings of overwhelm or irritability... relaxes the mind... nurtures creativity & self-expression... rejuvenates, protects.
  • Schisandra [China, wild-crafted] – relaxing, adaptogenic nature that helps to increase body's resistance to stress factors... is said to increase energy supply to cells in the brain, muscles, liver, kidneys & nerves... boosts stamina.
  • Eucalyptus Dives [Australia, organic cert.] – increases optimism..  restores emotional balance during times of overload... encourages spirituality of thought & purpose... dissolves bitterness, anger or jealousy... opens the heart to Divine love.
  • Ginger (Cochin) [India, organic practices] – helpful for morning sickness... relieves head congestion... relaxes muscle tension... warms the heart & opens up feelings of love... improves communication... stimulates vitality & energy.
  • Jasmine Sambac [India] – quells stress & tension... eases labor pains... speeds overall recovery from giving birth... helps to relieve depression... stimulates production of milk... tone the uterus... hormone balancing... decreases anxiety, emotional fatigue, nervous exhaustion & stress... encourages self-confidence, inspiration & creativity while awakening intuition.
  • Blue Cypress [Australia, wild-crafted] – balances female hormones... revitalizes tense or stressed nervous system... soothes upset emotions... provides a sense of stability through transitions... helps one to go with the flow... supports one's feelings of strength & endurance... promotes inner peace & a pure, trusting heart.
  • Vitex [Croatia, organic practices] – since antiquity, associated with women... Vitex is said to regulate & tone the female reproductive system... assists movement through traumatic transitions to positive transformations.









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