Essentially Fluless Special of the Month

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Essentially Fluless Special of the Month

1oz Essentially Fluless  Tincture + 2oz Essentially Fluless Spray

Protective Essence

Essentially Fluless™ balances the emotions and etheric body, helping protect subtle energies in ways that can deter and lessen illness.

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Flower Essence Combination:

(in tinctures and sprays)
  • September Strawberry – strengthens the overall system to work with the challenge of illness, encouraging a deeper grounding and connection to the etheric realms... a Spring fruit miraculously flowering in Fall in Michigan.

  • Viburnum – sets up clear energetic boundaries and protection.

  • Spiderwort – heals energy-field wounds created by sharp words or actions.

  • Motherwort – supports appropriate nurturing of the self & soothes the stress of worry that comes from over-concern for another's welfare.

  • Corncockle – restores pranic energy or life breath to ease tired, depleted, or worn-out conditions due to overwork or lack of play and rest.

  • Yellow Yarrow – a protective to help balance the fire energy of fevers.

  • Lake Superior Storm – a restorative for burnout, when depleted or over-sensitive... made as thunder roared & lightening flashed almost horizontally.

  • Trillium – a protective from physical or psychic attack.

  • Tall Wormwood – supports us in releasing patterns of repetitive illness.

  • Pokeweed – for strength, fortitude and endurance.

  • Canadian Hemlock – helps one to thrive, meeting whatever comes one's way... these trees were hundreds of miles outside of their usual range, thriving even as they clung to the sides of a canyon.

Essential Oils:

(in sprays only)
  • Lemongrass (Guatemala) – a tonic and stimulant traditionally used for fevers & infections... can relieve sore throats & headaches... may serve as a sedative for stressed or exhausted nerves... helps clear the mind to enable wise judgment.

  • Bitter Orange (Italy, wild-crafted) – for grounding, stimulating, & releasing, lifts sadness & melancholy, is said to help form collagen for repair of body tissues, opens the chest to improve breathing, & charges & revitalizes the aura.

  • Lime (U.S.A., organic) – with a calming & uplifting spirit, may help to eliminate toxins & excess water, has been used to reduce fever & ward off infections, is an immune tonic, harmonizes energy in all chakras, stimulates circulation, & is said to reduce respiratory problems.

  • Tanacetum Annum (Morocco, organic) – known as a strong antihistamine beneficial to allergies & inflammations.

  • Ravensare (Madagascar, organic) – said to be a very effective anti-viral that helps to stop or shorten the duration of a cold.
  • Vetiver (Haiti, wild-crafted) – dispels fear & anxiety, is grounding & calming, releases stress... increases blood flow & oxygen supply to the system.

  • Angelica Root (Hungary, wild-crafted) – may be helpful to treat bronchitis & coughs, may be helpful for fatigue & migraine, lifts the spirits, & releases nervous tensions.






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