Celestial Essences

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Celestial Essences

14 Essences made during astrological events

Made at significant astrological apexes, these essences can enhance your ability to receive guidance and balance from the stars and better align your Self with planetary energy.

Please note that due to the creation of new essences the above picture may not show all essences sold with this set. 

Flower Essences Included:

  • Blue Moon – Eases worry, nervous behavior & lack of faith... promotes the trust needed to meet challenges with optimism & confidence.
  • Harvest Moon – Restores gratefulness & teaches the heart to be generous and full.
  • Jupiter Return – For graceful expansion of energy, with perimeters stretching to hold the fullness.
  • Jupiter~Full Moon – Encourages trust & courage to embark on important projects & follow one's heart-dreams.
  • Leonid Showers – Helps one to live with passion and to enthusiastically embrace life in all endeavors and arenas.
  • Lunar Eclipse – Draws off the negativity & tension of the heart... works to align the heart chakra with true & transcendent Love.
  • Mars – Empowers intuition, nurturing & birthing to help meet the challenges of these times.
  • Mercury Transit – Balances a sense of clumsiness, unfocus or confusion... helps one to feel clear, sharp-witted and grounded, promoting precise, wise action.


  • Planetary Arch – For balancing and interweaving the practical with the spiritual.
  • Pluto~Galactic Center – Increases awareness of the origin of energy that is causing negative thoughts or feelings... supports the release of negative emotional patterns, addictive habits or unneeded ties to the past.
  • Saturn – Assists ones energies in returning to a natural state of polarity. Helps one to release resistance to full alignment with one's life goals while gently reorienting one back to ones original state of harmony and life direction.
  • Sun Flare – For calm clarity in violent environments.
  • Venus Transit – Restabilizes the inner self and helps to restore love to all areas of the body... supports the body's natural defense systems.
  • Winter Solstice/Lunar Eclipse – For those who live in fear of meeting up to others expectations and have not learned to live and dream for themselves.





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