A Medium between the Conscious and the Subconscious: Selenite Gem Essence

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A “Flower Essence Friday” feature on one of the flower essences from the Great Lakes Sacred Essences collection.

Selenite, named by Greeks for the Moon and meaning Moon Rock, is the transparent variety of gypsum. Although soft enough to be scratched with a fingernail, Selenite is glassy in appearance and well crystallized.

Selenite gem essence

Selenite gem essence acts as a medium between the conscious and the subconscious mind, revealing information that can help us as we seek to make changes that will bring healing.

This essence allows greater access to the Library of the Soul (or Identity), which contains every thought, feeling and action that was expressed during the cumulative lives of the Soul. Inharmonious memories or imprints are protected from our minds to shield us from being overwhelmed. During the course of life, this information is leaked to the individual at appropriate times so the soul may face what it has feared and been challenged by in the past.

The individual may see a past action or scenario imprinted on a present situation. This is meant to activate the individual towards resolution of this pattern, thus loosening the tension held around all previous scenarios. The more tension there is around an issue, the harder it may be to see the greater pattern.

This is where Selenite essence is so helpful. It can help unlock the mysteries of our past, gently restoring memories that can bring us greater understanding of our present situation. There is then the opportunity for healing as it supports us in making appropriate changes to meet our present challenges and clear the books for the future.

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