Becoming A True Teacher: Garden Sage Flower Essence

A “Flower Essence Friday” feature on one of the flower essences from the Great Lakes Sacred Essences collection.

Garden Sage flower essence supports the Divine Teacher within, whatever one’s chosen profession.

Garden Sage flower essence

True teaching requires an ability to connect with the student’s heart, for it’s only through the heart connection that one may truly aid another to perceive and evolve to a new level of understanding. And true teaching also requires that you find a point of access to your own inner student. Maybe your self at a younger age, struggling and not yet the master of your will. Teaching indeed requires love.

Garden Sage flower essence supports the wise teacher inside us, helping us to understand our roles as guides and supporters. It teaches us to let go of our need to instruct, show, and prove our point.  It releases us from our need for results.

We all walk this Earth as teachers as well as students.  The Garden Sage essence allows us to more freely access our own inner guides so that we may guide others as a true teacher of wisdom.

Garden Sage flower essence

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