Sharing The Glory of Humankindness: Redbud Flower Essence

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A “Flower Essence Friday” feature on one of the flower essences from the Great Lakes Sacred Essences collection.

The Redbud is a sturdy, graceful tree that grows in the valleys of Appalachia. One of the first blossoming trees of Spring, it buds a fuchsia lavender from its thin branches. The springtime mountains of Kentucky and Virginia can glow with a lavender hue from all of the Redbud blossoms.

Redbud flower essence

Redbud flower essence helps us to commit and engage in our relationships, helping us trust that as we open up vulnerable heart space to family and community, the flow of others can enter within. This exchange creates meaningful relationships to everyone’s benefit.

Redbud flower essence

Redbud is helpful in long-term relationships that may have been close at one time: partners who have grown apart or parents and children who have grown alienated. Too much has not been spoken, feelings may have been hurt, and it feels too wide a gap to bridge the silence.

The Redbud flower essence opens the channels between heart and voice, helping us to speak our love and express our concern. It helps us gracefully communicate the great love of Spirit as a continual stream flowing through us.

Redbud flower essence

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