Self-Care and Self-Love: Tansy Flower Essence

A “Flower Essence Friday” feature on one of the flower essences from the Great Lakes Sacred Essences collection.

Tansy flower essence inspires radiant self-assurance. The sunny Tansy flower, looking like the golden center of a flower without the petals, heralds a true self-consciousness that honors both inner and outer beauty, helping one feel reverence for all life, including self.

This flower essence can be useful in cases of depression, where there is a lack of attention or interest in personal hygiene or self-care. Deterioration of personal hygiene and lack of attention to one’s environment, such as cleaning ones’ bedroom or home, shadow inner feelings of despair, sadness or unworthiness.

Polluting one’s body reflects poor self-esteem and denies a core-level sense of self-divinity. Binge eating, junk-food diets, or not eating at all are all cause for concern beyond basic health considerations: one is not caring to value and take care of one’s self.

Tansy flower essence instills a respect for one’s body and a reverence for one’s environment.

As you begin to feel valuable, you will want to act with responsibility and care. You’ll feel a need to do something good, to create something exceptional, or to stand in awe of a beautiful environment and be willing to work to protect it.

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